What’s Next in Innovation? Mór Finds Out at the Next Web

The team here at Mór is delighted to be attending one of the most exciting events in innovation: The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. The event promises to bring together the very best in ambitious start-ups, disruptive innovation, and thought-leaders – we can’t wait to get involved!

What is The Next Web?

The Next Web Conference, also known as TNW, will take place next week, over the 16th and the 17th of June in Amsterdam. The annual event brings together innovators and start-ups from around the world to share ideas, grow their businesses, and even get involved with Pitch Battles.

This year, founders, investors, corporates, and governments will unite to collaborate and build the future of disruptive technology. The idea behind the conference is all about connecting innovative companies and making valuable connections across industries.

Over the course of Europe’s leading tech conference, many attendees from all over the world will attend to collaborate and share ideas. This is set to include:

  • 10,000 attendees
  • 78% decision-makers
  • 26% C-level executives
  • 6,000+ companies
  • 1,500+ startup companies
  • 120+ countries

The 2022 conference will also centre around eight core themes:

  1. Boost – perfect for learning all about data-driven growth marketing.
  2. Growth Quarters – designed to help attendees find out more about the future of founders and funding.
  3. Futureproof – sessions about gaining a deeper understanding of how future tech will impact society and business.
  4. Impact – sessions that revolve around delivering positive change and learning lessons from social activism.   
  5. Neural – taking a deep dive into the world of robotics and hybrid computing.
  6. Shift – exploring the latest trends in next-gen mobility infrastructure.
  7. Sprint – sessions that are all about creating products that break through the noise, and that people love to use.
  8. Tech and Money – uncovering all things finance, from currency transactions to fiscal equity.

Innovation and Employee Rewards

So, where do we fit into all this? At Mór, we’re committed to revolutionising the world of employee rewards by bringing customer loyalty, technology, and values together. We think that innovation should always be value-driven, and people-driven – ideas we’re excited to take with us to Amsterdam.

In attending TNW we’re excited to share our core values with other businesses and thought leaders from around the world.

As well as believing in premium products and supporting independent brands, we believe that the future of business must be built around values, investing in people, and a modern culture focused on wellbeing.

That’s why we built Mór around our Badges – uniting our vendors, members, and clients based on what they value. We believe it’s important that everyone shops consciously, buys from brands that share their beliefs, and actively supports independent makers and retailers.

How to get involved?

If you’re eager to learn more about tech, innovation, and the next big things in the industry, TNW 2022 is not one to be missed.

Whether you want to attend The Next Web Conference to represent a business or as an investor, you can get tickets to the event up until the 16th of June.

What’s Next in Innovation? Mór Finds Out at the Next Web