Introducing Mór Employee Rewards

Mór is excited to join the world of employee benefits. We are offering complete access to The Mór Card for your employees, as well as a host of additional business benefits, all for the cost of less than a Starbucks each month.  

Find out everything you need to know about Mór Corporate Membership by reading on.  

What is The Mór Card?  

Mór is the members-only platform for life’s little luxuries. We bring together the absolute best in premium experiences from across the country. We offer handpicked and curated gifts and treats from brands you love and names you might not be familiar with yet.  

We are all about amplifying the very best independent businesses and showcasing what else is out there in the luxury space. Our members are guaranteed a platform brimming with a variety of discounts, bundles and limited editions that are exclusive to them. We never offer anything less than premium, meaning no more settling for the same old names and no more settling for second best discounts.  

Mór is excited to announce that we are now expanding our offering to corporate partners as well, meaning businesses can offer their employees all the benefits our members get at an enterprise rate, as well as exclusive additions you can only find as a Corporate Member.  

What is on offer?  

One thing we are proud of at The Mór Card is that we are always offering a variety of experiences, and we are always refreshing and updating our offers. This extends to what is on offer for corporate members as well.  

Corporate members can expect full and unrestricted access to our platform of exclusive experiences, as well as additional content provided via Journal Magazine. In addition to our wide array of perks and discounts, we are also expanding our service into areas that are of importance to your people: health and wellbeing, mental health programmes, sustainability guidance and parental support to name a few.  

Our employee rewards include access to resources and discounts in subjects that are not usually explored in the sector, with areas such as menopause in the workplace, postnatal healthcare, male and female fertility and sustainable causes being a key focus of the businesses we partner with.  

We are constantly focused on expansion and taking feedback on board to grow our offering in new areas. Through audience feedback, market knowledge and data analysis, we are consistently devising innovative and exciting additions to our platform that will actually excite people. One thing you can be sure of by partnering with Mór is that your insight will count.  

Why Employee Rewards?  

While some of the tried and tested benefits are staples, such as cycle to work schemes, life assurance and season ticket loans, we believe that the additional benefits that businesses offer can make or break their talent attraction and retention.  

We believe that the employee benefits industry is in need of a shake-up, and that rewards schemes should better reflect what people actually want. The Mór Card not only partner with independent and sustainable businesses, we also help promote a better work-life balance by providing a range of extracurricular activities for your people. While we ensure that there is enough of a benefit to employers and employees alike, much of what we offer is designed to benefit people outside the office.  

Employees often look to their employers for more than just a salary increase or a promotion. They want to feel like their impact on the business is being appreciated, and it is well documented that the majority of employees believe a positive reward scheme would help with attraction and retention.  

How Do I Sign Up?  

Mór Corporate Membership is designed to be straightforward to use and to join. If you are looking for more information, head on over to our site to find out all you need to know.  

Alternatively, you can book in a call with one of our expert team. From there you can get specific answers and learn all you need to know about the suitability for your team.  

Introducing Mór Employee Rewards