Styling Trio and Hair Healing Remedy Starter Pack with Online Consultation by Olew

Get your curls ready with Olew's vegan curly-haired girl approved starter kit. £63 £69.95 (Save £6)

The Experience

An exclusive starter kit for women wanting to take their hair game to the next level. The Styling Trio includes three of Olew's best-selling products in an easy Vegan, Paraben, Silicon, SLC-free simple set. You will also receive their brand new Hair Healing Remedy, infused with Dragon's Blood Extract to re-set your hair to its beautiful, nourished and repaired self. To round off this bundle, you receive a personal online consultation with a member of Olew HQ to answer questions about your hair type, condition and even which of Olew's products can help to let your hair thrive. 

The Styling Set includes: 

Defining Gel: Infused with maca root, this natural oil and protein combination will stimulate hair growth and boost your curls, preventing moisture loss to drastically reduce damage and split ends. Let your curls be nourished and defined with a medium hold that feels smooth with the crispness of stronghold. 

Curl Cream: Minimising frizz, enhancing curls and providing gentle control. Add moisture back into your hair to restore curls back to their happy, original pattern. This curl cream helps to protect your hair against sun and atmospheric damage. Housed in recyclable glass jar which you can use on your hair whether it is wet or dry. 

Olew Original: The Olew Original is an oil to help with all your hair needs from dry, damaged hair scalp treatment to a quick curl refresh on the go. Promoting hair health and shine to help you and your curls ooze the confidence you deserve.

Hair Healing Remedy: Infused with Dragon's Blood Extract to restore and repair bonds in your hair that you can count on to be soft, shiny and strong after every use. Designed to repair, strengthen and hydrate your hair and scalp. Helping to reduce breakage, eliminate frizz, and help your curls feel fuller and stronger. Wash out or leave-in after cleansing your hair for optimum results. 

Olew Online Consultation: Speak with an Olew HQ expert directly. These consultations are hosted on Zoom and allow you to find answers to any questions you may have - whether it's a curly query, a product problem, or a question about hair in general. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Olew

After years of straightening her hair to fit in, founder Elinor Davies-Farn grew tired of the conformity of having to have straight hair. In 2012 she began her natural hair journey. Hundreds of products and lacklustre results left her wondering if there was a better way to treat her hair without using harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

Olew was born out of that frustration. The word Olew comes from the Welsh word for oil, which pays homage to Elinor's welsh roots. Reflecting on her journey of self-discovery, Elinor fell back in love with her natural hair and herself. Her mission is to encourage other ladies to embrace the natural side and wear it with confidence. 

Why we love Olew

It's never straightforward to find the right products for your hair. All hair is different and, for those of us born with naturally wilder curls, finding something that can tame and restore is a challenge. We're all looking for something strong, yet soft and nourishing. 

Olew is built on a love for the natural side of haircare. Creating products that will let your luxurious mane thrive. All Olew's products are Paraben, Silicon and SLC Free. They are also Vegan and Cruelty-Free, suitable for all hairstyles, from fine to thick. 

Start your natural hair journey with Olew and get those curls looking the best they've ever looked.