Standing Desks by Helves

Standing desks sustainably manufactured in the UK. £132.60 £156 (Save £23)

The Experience

Classic standing desks made in the UK by Helves. Designed for home offices, workspaces or wherever you choose to work these days. 

Experience new levels of energy throughout the day. Improve your posture when you stand for portions of the day. Place on a desk or able and adjust to your desired height to work in a healthier and more focused way. 

Designed to be sturdy, yet elegant. The Helves standing desk locks together to be a strong frame that can support the way you work. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Helves

Founded in the simple premise that thoughtful design makes life better. Helves founder, Oliver Pitt, studied Architecture and Furniture Design prior to creating the Helves standing desk. The products are based on his desire to create beautifully designed and made products that will help you work. 

All Helves classic standing desks are designed, developed and delivered from their sites in Blackpool, Birmingham and London. 

Why we love Helves

With more people now working from home after the effects of the pandemic, it's important to ensure you are doing so in comfort and safety. Helves allows you to improve efficiency, comfort and posture with a simple addition to your workspace. 

We love showcasing brands that can improve the nation's lives, both inside and outside the office. Working in comfort ultimately improves your work-life balance and capabilities, as well as reducing the chance of long-term injury sustained at your desk. 

Perfect for those that want the benefit of a standing desk without the space or cost of investing in the electronically height-adjustable option. These sustainably crafted shelf-like structures lock in place on the desk and allow you to comfortably stand or sit.