Fitness Skincare Bundle by Sports HAI

Skincare products designed for durability, with sun cream, skin transformer cream and lip balm all included. £100 £121 (Save £21)

The Experience

This exclusive Mór bundle includes:

1 x SPF50 Protection Sun Cream

1 x Replenish Skin Transformer Skin Cream

1 x Complex Lip Hydration Lip Balm (2020 Attracta Award-Winning: Best Luxury Lip Balm)

Perfect for those who want to look good, feel good and remain protected while breaking a sweat. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Sports HAI

Sports HAI is the first sports-dedicated brand of makeup and skincare. Created by and for athletes, this bundle is perfect for looking good and protecting your skin while on the move. 

It’s about the experience and looking fantastic on the move. It’s adventurous, glamorous and fun!

Why we love Sports HAI

As lovers of keeping fit while looking our best, Sports HAI is high on our shopping list. Each product is specifically designed for staying put, even during strenuous exercise. This is a young and exciting business, already garnering awards and turning heads for their innovative products.

If you’re looking for makeup and skincare that is sturdy and durable, this is an absolute must-have.