Interior Design by RoomLab

Virtual interior design by a team of professionals. Choose from a range of packages to suit your requirements and home layout. £1,098 £1,198 (Save £100)

The Experience

RoomLab offer bundles for home interior design, completed virtually by a team of professionals. 

Take your pick from:

  • Classic Package Bundle - virtual sessions with a professional designer for 2 standard rooms, including:
    • Floorplan insight & furniture layout insights. 
    • Furniture recommendations & visuals.
    • Full product shopping & installation guidance provided. 
  • VIP Package bundle - this provides the same as the Classic, although for one open plan and double reception room space, with additional help including: 
    • Bespoke MoodBoard / Box with paint suggestions, fabric swatches, finish samples and wallpaper – delivered to your home
    • Unlimited design revisions during those 3 weeks
  • Classic + VIP bundle - this option includes all of the above. 

Allow us to introduce you to... RoomLab

From a simple decorative refresh to a complete interior overhaul, RoomLab pride themselves in creating spaces that you love and that work. They aim to make the vision you have in your head a reality and use their expertise to design rooms that make your heart sing. Whatever you need, RoomLab can help. 

Why we love RoomLab

RoomLab takes the whole interior design process and simplifies it into an online service. They also strive to work with ethical and sustainable brands, meaning you have more input into where the materials are sourced. Allowing you to feel even more pride in your home.

It’s interior design made easy. The stress and hassle are removed, and more control is provided to you. Expert designers transforming your space while keeping it unique to your individual tastes.

RoomLab is a female-led business which has been featured in The Times, Ideal Home, Livingetc and more. It’s an industry changer and, we believe, what the future of interior design will look like for homeowners that want more input.