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Classic Rum Trio by Old Mother Hunt

Unique Scottish rum in four distinct flavours, with spiced, vanilla-infused, oak and classic white rum. £68 £85.85 (Save £17)

The Experience

The classic trio from Old Mother Hunt. Sample and savour three perfectly crafted individual rums, comprising:

  • 1 x Spiced Rums - made with classic flavours such as deep raisin and citrus, followed by a clove finish (40% ABV)
  • 1x Signature Golden - infused with oak and Madagascan Vanilla, this is a beautiful twist on the classic Navy rum (44% ABV)
  • 1 x Silver - a classic white rum redistilled with sugarcane molasses and dried lavender (40% ABV)

All rums are 50cl. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Old Mother Hunt

Hand made by an out-of-work airline pilot and his harassed wife and mum to their two wildlings; these beautiful rums are created with passion and honesty, and just a hint of desperation. 

Each flavour can hold its own as a spirit to be sipped and relished over ice or to bring your favourite cocktail to life. Rum is an incredibly exciting drink to be exploring at the moment so why not begin your journey with the Old Mother Hunt family.

Move over gin, rum is here.

Why we love Old Mother Hunt

This is definitely one to watch out for. Created amidst the unrest of the Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown, this business is a passion project of the owners. Using the unique opportunity afforded to them to venture out and start their own business, Old Mother Hunt was born. 

A young, fun and exciting brand, this never gets in the way of the quality. The full process is managed from their Glasgow base. The beautiful flavours are twists on classic rum tastes, with White, Spiced and Navy varieties to suit every Rum drinker's palate. A perfect addition to your rum collection.

What's more, Old Mother Hunt is one of the very few Rum brands in Scotland to own complete control of the distillation process. While Scotland may be historically revered for Whisky and recently praised for Gin, brands like Old Mother Hunt show that there may be more Scottish spirits giving chase to compete for the top crown.