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Non-Alcoholic Spirits Bundle by CleanCo

Exclusive bundle containing four mouthwatering non-alcoholic spirits. £64 £76 (Save £12)

The Experience

Award-winning non-alcoholic spirits, with no empty calories, no sugar and no sweeteners: just as good as the real thing.

CleanCo has created an exclusive bundle of four 70cl bottles of the very best of their magnificent range. You can sample the very best non-alcoholic spirits as alternatives to gin, rum, tequila and vodka. 

"Clean G" Gin Alternative 

Clean G has an aromatic mix of botanical ingredients, which includes carefully sourcing real juniper which is then blended to CleanCo's tantalizing secret recipe and distilled. As high levels of botanicals are used, Clean G has a naturally cloudy appearance.

"Clean R" Rum Alternative

Clean R is their take on Spiced Caribbean Rum. A secret blend of spices results in a smoky and delicious warming spice, with notes of golden caramel and cayenne pepper. This boldly flavoured distillate is combined with other ingredients to create the finished non-alcoholic spirit.

"Clean V" Spiced Apple Vodka Alternative 

Clean V is an expertly crafted non-alcoholic take on warming spiced apple vodka. Uplifting and crisp with a touch of cinnamon – delicious. Aromatic hints of green apple and cinnamon spice set the scene for a perfectly balanced blend of fresh and lively flavours, with a classic warm alcohol-like sensation to finish.

"Clean T" Tequilla Alternative 

Clean T is CleanCO's take on Blanco tequila; opening with soft, fresh green agave and new oak aromas and hints of olive, complemented perfectly with a medley of sweet melon and subtle fruit flavours, all culminating to a classic peppery dry finish - and a cheeky tingle on the tongue.

Start your clean journey with CleanCo

Allow us to Introduce you to... CleanCo

Launched in 2019, CleanCo was created by British Entrepreneur and TV Personality, Spencer Matthews. His development of CleanCo was that of a long and personal journey with their debut product, Clean G, representing more than just a drink. It represented everything CleanCo stands for: a complex and beautifully produced liquid in a stunning bottle that will stand the test of time as a classic drink with a modern twist. 

The stigma surrounding Non/Low alcoholic drinks is often a large talking point. CleanCo embodies a change towards a "cleaner" approach to drinking for people cutting down on their alcohol intake. Their range of delicious, full-flavoured non-alcoholic alternatives to your favourite full-strength spirits means you can avoid hangovers and enjoy a healthier way of drinking. 

Why we love CleanCo

CleanCo specialises in vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free non-alcoholic spirits, meaning their range is designed and suitable for a wide variety of people exploring the non-alcoholic option.

One thing that is often noted in non-alcoholic drinking options is the distinct difference from the real thing. CleanCo has managed to create an alternative that many are calling better than the real thing. Intriguing notes and various alcohol alternatives mean you'll be able to partake whatever the occasion: whether it's enjoying a nice, slow 'G&T' or getting the party started with some 'Tequila' shots. 

You'll struggle to tell the difference, lose the alcohol and win back the morning. From 12 calories per serving and zero sugar, you can keep your glass topped up and your head fuzz-free.

Start your clean journey with CleanCo