Exclusive Mental Health Toolkit by Premier Care Training

A fresh new way to train staff in Mental Health Awareness in a seamless and online format. £89 £129 (Save £40)

The Experience

The past year has taught us how crucial our mental health is to the betterment of ourselves. But often times we need that bit of additional support. Premier Care Training provides an exclusive 90-minute session, delivered online, that will advise you to understand and discover how to be a mental health champion.

Whether at work, at home or with loved ones - you will have the familiarity and means to spot when other people need help, assisting you in seeking extra support for yourself or others. Led by a qualified instructor and delivered via Teams.

Investing in 'you' is the best investment you'll make.

Allow us to Introduce you to... Premier Care Training

Led by Director Elaine Powney, Premier Care Training is the result of 25 years of experience. Originating from an enthusiasm for teaching and a commitment to achieve the highest quality of training in the care sector.

Offering unique bespoke masterclasses in a simple and effective way. With flexibility at the heart of what they do, they balance the needs of every business, team and service user.  With the latest innovation and regulatory guidance, they offer a fresh new way to train.

Why we love Premier Care Training

Premier Care Training balances the needs of every business, their employees, their service users and the latest in both innovation and regulatory guidance. Courses are tailored to your needs, mix and match subjects you require which includes 15 Care Certificate Standards that are delivered seamlessly to your employees. Accommodating the needs of your business and being flexible whilst doing so is at the heart of what Premier Care Training does.