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Luxury Meat & Seafood Kits by HAAR at Home

At-home luxury cuisine from Masterchef finalist Dean Banks, featuring Crab, Lobster, Sirloin Steak and more. £59.95 £69.95 (Save £10)

The Experience

Treat friends, family and more importantly yourself to the splendour of a luxury two and three-course box for two, prepared by Masterchef finalist Dean Banks and his team at HAAR Restaurant in St Andrews. Enjoy mouthwatering fine-dining food in the comfort of your own home.


Best of Land & Sea

Course One - Dressed Crab with Spicy Mango Slaw & Asian Dressing.

Course 2 - Native Dressed Lobster, Seaweed Potatoes & Mirin Butter Sauce

Course 3 - 32+ Day Aged Grass-Fed Beef (Sirloin or Ribeye- Approx. Weight 500g), XO Sauce, Seared Tenderstem Broccoli & Smoked Mayonnaise



Luxury Lobster and Crab Box

Course One - Dressed Crab with Spicy Mango Slaw & Asian Dressing.

Course Two - Native Dressed Lobster with Mirin Butter Sauce, Seaweed Potatoes, Seared Tenderstem Broccoli & Smoked Mayonnaise.


Allow us to Introduce you to... Haar at Home

Created as a result of COVID 19 restrictions as a means to support the popular St Andrews restaurant, Haar at Home was one of the first businesses to offer an ‘at home’ experience and has been one of the most popular luxury fine dining kits delivering throughout the UK.

With a focus on quality produce, Dean has created boxes featuring some of his signature dishes from the restaurant as well as adapting new dishes that allow you to simply prepare enjoy restaurant quality food with the ones you love at home.

Why we love Haar at Home

While the lockdown restrictions have hit restaurants hard, they have also given them the chance to get creative in offering world-class food at home. None more so than Haar. 

This luxury meal kit is exquisite - perfectly curated and prepared by a MasterChef finalist who has gone on to become one of the most respected chefs in Scotland. It's a delightful take on the class surf-and-turf. 

Mainly we love this because we love Haar usually. The restaurant is buzzing in normal times and one of the most prominent spots in St Andrews, so anything which they are creating for home dining is going to be right up our street.