Pure Silk Pillowcase Offer by MayfairSilk

Snuggle into these beautiful 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases carefully handcrafted from the finest silk with our bespoke weave and finish. £59.63 £67 (Save £7)

The Experience

Designed in London using the finest 25 Momme Mulberry silk, MayfairSilk has created a range of luxury pillowcases that not only look and feel marvellous but offer many additional health benefits. Choose from their stunning collection of delicate colours and printed designs and indulge in the exquisite feel of silk against your skin. 

For those that are looking for something that looks luxurious, feels great and gives you an exceptional night’s sleep or if you suffer from allergies then MayfairSilk is the one for you.

MayfairSilk takes sleeping to the next level of comfort.

Allow us to Introduce you to... MayfairSilk

Marcus and Darshana Ubl founded MayfairSilk after themselves discovering, not only the enjoyment of sleeping on silk but of the benefits, it has to your hair, skin and overall quality of sleep. Leaving your skin feeling healthy and hydrated and your hair smooth and tangle-free.

The exclusive collection offers comfort, quality and design with a selection of colours and prints to work with any interior.  This long-lasting, timeless bedding allows your skin to breathe, retain moisture and help you have a more youthful-looking appearance.  The natural thermal properties of silk keep you at just the right temperature, keeping you warm when it is cold and cooling you down when you are too hot.

Why we love MayfairSilk

Not only is silk beneficial but each pillowcase is created with design and colour palette in mind, whether you go for the delicate hummingbird print pillowcase or keep it simple with the Brilliant White silk pillowcase it adds that little bit of luxury to your bedroom interior.

MayfairSilk bed linen is the next level in sleeping. Known for their distinctive soft-touch matt finish using the finest grade 6A long fibre MulberrySilk, each pillowcase is handcrafted using the highest quality fabric and modern design.

MayfairSilk takes sleeping to the next level of comfort.