Aurora Box of Everlasting Roses by Amour Des Fleurs

Everlasting roses, picked naturally and encased in wax, delivered in a marble design box. £170 £220 (Save £50)

The Experience

Purchase one Forever Rose Marble box at a discounted rate. 

Luxury preserved roses, allowing shopping to become an experience as luxurious as the roses themselves. Amour Des Fleurs’ Forever Roses are 100% natural. Grown in the soil and harvested at the peak of their natural beauty. They are then naturally preserved in order to last a lifetime.  

Allow us to introduce you to... Amour Des Fleurs

Instead of traditional bouquets, they present every rose layout in a luxuriously customised Parisian-inspired gift box which can be used as a keepsake box beyond the lifespan of the roses.

With their forever roses the arrangement can take pride position within any room year after year. The best way to really make the experience special and unique is that your box arrives looking exquisite.

They believe that everyone should have a little luxury in their life, taking the same level of care and attention in customer service as with their products. 

Why we love Amour Des Fleurs

Gifts evoke cherished fond memories of loved ones, and those who gave us them in the first place. Flowers are usually the perfect gift, other than the fact they are temporary. By marrying the two ideas and creating an everlasting flower that does not appear fake, they have created a unique gifting opportunity.

A gift that is beautiful enough to take pride of place in the recipient’s home is always an honour. This can be your opportunity to gift something wonderful and create memories to last as long as the flowers.