Annual Online Yoga Membership by R1SE Urban Yoga

Annual access to R1se Urban Yoga's bank of live classes, pre-recorded and 40 instructional videos. £80 £120 (Save £40)

The Experience

Join the R1SE community and experience professional yoga at home. 

Take part in unlimited live classes streamed to your home, as well as access to their on-demand catalogue with a collection of over 600 pre-recorded classes. You will also receive pose exposure, with over 40 videos detailing every R1SE pose to help you practice and progress. 

Allow us to introduce you to... R1SE Urban Yoga

R1SE Urban Yoga launched in January 2018 beginning with three signature classes: Power, Flex and Chill. The team at R1SE have since worked hard to introduce new areas to the business and new offerings in their online yoga community. 

Creating new sequences for each of their class styles every two months, R1SE ensures that participants are always learning something new. This means there is a wealth of knowledge banked up for new joiners, and also that there is something new around the corner for those that have mastered their styles already. 

Why we love R1SE Urban Yoga

While most of us are looking for ways to be healthier in our day-to-day lives, not everyone is a fan of going to the gym or taking part in competitive sports. Some of us want an easier way to access professional exercise while still remaining in a comfortable and safe environment. 

R1SE Urban Yoga is perfect for those that want to increase their flexibility, agility, improve their posture, respiration and more, while remaining in the comfort of their home. Professional yoga instructors live stream and record their classes giving you access to hours of detailed information and instructional videos. 

Perfect for sneaking in a quick workout at home amidst your busy work and home life.