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Mór Corporate Membership 

The employee reward that promotes work-life balance, is actually valued by your people and is powered by the best independent British brands on the market.

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About Mór

The Mór Card connects your valued employees and customers with the UK’s best independent brands. They receive exclusive discounts and gain access to limited editions that are not available anywhere else.

We know the concerns companies have with employee rewards programmes: outdated technology, difficult to use, expensive and unable to integrate with the rest of their offering. We are committed to making things as simple, accessible and affordable as possible.

Mór offers an alternative to the standard employee rewards package. By showcasing UK-based experiences as well as products, we actively promote healthy work-life balance and ensure your employees are maximising their time outside of the office.

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What Mór Corporate Membership Does


Show them you care about the same things

Today’s talent is much more focused on finding the right work environment for them. Company rewards play a large part in their decision-making process when joining a company.


Show them you're focused on work-life balance

People don’t just leave companies to earn more money. With average cost-to-the-company for an employee leaving being over £2k, Mór helps you demonstrate that you value your employees, and you’re invested in making sure they maximise their time outside of work.  


Show them you appreciate them and their role

From regular informal thank yous to formal incentive programmes, it’s never been more important to reward your people. Mór helps you offer a relevant, regularly updated rewards platform they will actively use.  

Why Choose Mor

Why Choose Mór

Perks and incentives are important to employees and customers alike. 68% of people say they do not always feel valued at work, while 42% would swap a pay rise for a thank you.

Many businesses are now offering additional rewards as an incentive for new starters and current employees. As competition and demand grows, you need to offer something unique which your people will actually value.

The market is dictated by people. Your business can provide an excellent place to work and a competitive salary, but may be missing the crucial cherry on top to find the best people. This is where Mór comes in.

Find out if Mór is suited to your business.

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How Does Mór Work?

When you become a Corporate Member, you receive exclusive access to The Mór Card with your own full membership and individual logins.

The platform is designed to highlight the best independent brands from around the UK, handpicked and curated by our experts and updated regularly. We open the door to brand new experiences, give a helping hand to the little guys and shout out the absolute best that money can buy.

These are experiences you won’t find on the high street.

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Membership Benefits

Unlock with Corporate Membership

Exclusive Categories

Work & Productivity

Everything your team needs to excel at work, learn new skills, and be the best they can be.

Balance & Wellbeing

Rewards that help your employees strike the right balance, focusing on work-life balance and mental health.

Family & Leisure

Extending your corporate rewards beyond just your employee – with something for the whole family.


Putting Environmental and Social Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of your employee rewards strategy.

Unlock with Corporate Membership

Exclusive Experiences

For Corporate Members only

Our favourite experiences from our favourite Vendors, hand-picked – and exclusively available to – Corporate Members.

Individually negotiated deals

Your Client Manager will work with you to ensure the deals and experiences most requested by your people are on your platform.

Unlock with Corporate Membership

Exclusive Gifting

Rewards and occasions

Say happy birthday, thank someone for their service, or celebrate occasions with corporate gifts from Mór.

Incentives and recognition

Rewards for hitting targets, recognising outstanding work, and offering incentives to your top performers.

Plus, as standard...

100% access

Unrestricted access to all the best deals Mór has to offer.

24 / 7 / 365

Unlimited and always-on access, with dedicated Member support.

Exclusive content

Podcasts, articles, and interviews with the very best of UK makers, retailers, chefs, restaurateurs, designers, sports personalities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, mixologists and wellness specialists.

Exclusive invites

Invitations to members-only events across the UK.

Meet our Brands

With Mór, you receive access to exclusive discounts and bundles that can’t be found elsewhere. We offer the most exciting products and experiences from independent businesses and premium names.

We handpick, curate and tailor our offering regularly – meaning your people will always find something they can enjoy.

No carbon copy discounts, none of the usual suspects and always refreshing. Have a browse at just a handful of the 100+ experiences we currently have live.

Less than a coffee

How Much Does Mór Cost?

We want to make Corporate Membership as accessible as possible for clients.

Employee rewards options are usually expensive and are rarely used – we want to change this. You can sign up and provide your people with full access for less than the cost of buying them a Starbucks each month.

We operate a volume-based tiered pricing model, ranging from smaller companies with just 25 employees to tailored prices for enterprise users with 10,000+.

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How Mór is Different

We are not here to change the game completely, rather to shake-up the stale platforms on the market just now.

We want to make employee rewards engaging, premium and affordable. Rewarding your people should not be an afterthought.

You can provide a unique platform for your people, unlike any other on the market, simply and efficiently.

Traditional Employee Rewards


Lengthy set-up

Low usage

Complicated to use

Elitist and stuffy

Mass market

Irregular updates



Launch within 24 hours

Valued and used

Simple and straightforward

Accessible to all

Uniquely independent

Frequent new content and additions

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Give Your Boss a Heads Up

Do you like the look of Mór and would like it to be offered as an employee reward at your work? You can give your boss or HR team an anonymous tip and we will notify them of your interest.

What People Have To Say

”Mór gives me more choice than any employee reward platform I’ve had before.”

Zane - Administration, Reading

”We've seen our employees' reward utilisation climb from <5% to >50% which is a really fantastic result.”

Cerys - HR, Cardiff

”When we changed our rewards scheme last year I was really keen to see some things in there that reflect what I believe in personally. Mór is great for that and has helped me find a whole host of new and interesting sustainable brands.”

Becky - Marketing, Birmingham

”I've never really used our rewards before because a lot of them were really boring! I like that with Mór there is something for everyone. I'm off to drive a rally car next week!”

Sridhar - Finance, Bristol

”We used to have a concierge service as part of our rewards program but I never used it. I didn't really know how, or what I could use it for, so it was a bit of a waste of a reward.”

Abbie - Sales, Leeds

”I prefer to buy from independent brands rather than big corporates.”

Greg - Customer Service, Glasgow

”I really like how often I find myself using The Mór Card. I probably buy something every other week - either gifts for friends and family or a treat for myself!”

Emma - Legal, Edinburgh

”I like that Mór is super simple and not elitist. I can just log on and find amazing brands with really great discounts and offers. Easy!”

David - IT, London

”When we talk about Mór we get very positive candidate feedback. It's a great perk to be able to offer.”

Mara - Recruitment, London